Amy McCrae Kessler Speaks to N.Y. Federation of Solid Waste & Recycling Associations About the Growth of Organics Recycling in the U.S.

News & Events on May 6th, 2015

Amy McCrae Kessler, Esq., EVP, Head of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs and Founder of Turning Earth, spoke about the remarkable growth of anaerobic digestion¬†industry in the U.S. over the last 5 years to a General Session at the Annual Conference of the New York Federation of Solid Waste & Recycling Associations on May 6, 2015.¬†¬† Ms. McCrae Kessler highlighted the American Biogas Council’s work since 2010 to raise the profile of biogas as a sustainable materials management and renewable energy power-house, organics diversion policy and legislation in the Northeast and on the West Coast, and the U.S. Biogas Opportunities Road Map issued jointly by U.S.E.P.A., U.S.D.A. and U.S.D.O.E in 2014. ¬†¬† Sharing the significant community economic, environmental and energy independence benefits of Turning Earth’s integrated high solids anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting facility currently under development in Southington, Connecticut, Ms. McCrae Kessler emphasized that integrated organics recycling facilities can bring the same benefits to countless communities across the U.S.