Danish Renewal Fund Awards Turning Earth & Strategic Partners a DKK 5,992,500 Grant to Expand in North America

News & Events on October 15th, 2012

Turning Earth and its technology partner, Aikan A/S, along with several other partners, have been awarded a DKK 5,992,500 (approximately $ 1 million) grant from the Danish government Renewal Fund to commercialize the Aikan technology in global markets.  The Fornyelsesfonden Green Transition and Business Innovation Grant, “From Waste to Energy and Compost – A New Export Model,” allocates funds to Turning Earth and Aikan A/S for the achievement of major milestones in the commercialization of the Aikan technology in Turning Earth Triple Play facilities in North America.

About Fornyelsesfonden:  The Business Innovation Fund provides financial support to large, cross-functional innovation projects within green business and welfare. The aim is to develop innovative commercial products and services that can meet the increasing global demand for green solutions and welfare as well as generate growth in Denmark.  As the only fund of its kind in Denmark, the Business Innovation Fund provides grants and guarantees to enterprises that have developed climate- and environment-friendly solutions or welfare solutions ready to be launched in the market.