July 26, 2012, AGRION Presents Turning Earth: Transformative Start-Up to Watch

News & Events on July 25th, 2012

On July 26, 2012, AGRION, a Global Network for Energy, Clean Tech and Corporate Responsibility, will host Transformative Startup to Watch: Turning Earth, an Organics Recycling Company as part of it’s Technology Showcase.  Andrew Kessler and Blake Sturcke will present to investors on how Turning Earth creates solutions to renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, water conservation, and carbon footprint management issues in a single integrated platform that solves some of the most vexing natural resource and environmental management problems.  Turning Earth sees these problems as opportunities to set a new standard for organic waste management, renewable energy production, sustainable local agriculture and economic growth. Please join us.

AGRION is a global business community for energy and sustainability. With offices in New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Paris, and Beijing, the mission of AGRION is to connect thought-leaders and executives, within and across borders, for the purposes of business development, education, idea-sharing, and networking.