New in Sustainability Features Turning Earth in Two Part Series

News & Events on September 27th, 2012

New in Sustainability, a website dedicated to sharing “cool innovations and ideas to benefit people, planet and profit,” featured Turning Earth and its Aikan high solids anaerobic digestion (“HSAD”) and in-vessel composting (“IVC”) technology in a two part series about waste to energy.  Part I, Waste-to-Energy Plus Compost: Solum & Aikan Technology,  looks at Turning Earth’s Aikan Technology which uses a unique three step integrated batch process for HSAD and IVC and provides an elegant, flexible and fully integrated solution to converting organic waste into high quality biogas, heat and compost.  The integrated nature of Aikan’s HSAD and IVC processes, which is completely differentiated from any other anaerobic digestion technology on the market, allows for batch processing of organic waste without the need to move the solid waste fraction from the in-vessel module between the anaerobic and aerobic processes.  Part II, Waste-to-Energy Plus Compost Plus Food: Turning Earth, focuses on Turning Earth’s unique Triple Play business model in which organic waste is recycled to produce 1) renewable energy, 2) compost, and 3) sustainable local agriculture.  The Triple Play maximizes the useful components of organics, provides an environmentally and economically beneficial alternative to landfilling and incinerating organics, and addresses the public sector’s most pressing waste management, energy security, and local agriculture challenges.  Please visit New in Sustainability to learn more.