Amy McCrae Kessler on Capitalizing on Digester Coproducts

News & Events on August 10th, 2014

Amy McCrae Kessler, Esq., shares her thoughts on the importance of developing the economic value of and robust markets for digester co-products to encourage the deployment of biogas systems in the U.S.  “Anaerobic digesters don’t receive the same level of incentives as other renewable energy technologies. We need to generate revenue from every input and every output, including tipping fees, energy production and coproducts. . . . To grow the industry we need to focus on growing the coproducts sector.”  For more on the industry’s and the American Biogas Council’s efforts to stimulate the development of valuable digester co-products, see Capitalizing on Digester Coproducts – BioCycle, August 2014