Key Relationships

Solum A/S (

Solum A/S, creators of the Aikan™ Technology, has more than a quarter century of experience and is Denmark’s largest supplier of engineered soils, growth media and turf care products.  Solum creates value by integrating waste processing, biogas production and the production of a wide range of soil improvement products.  Solum’s pioneering approach to integrated waste processing and its outstanding business operations have received numerous awards.

In 2009, Danish Prime Minister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen awarded Solum the Danish Liberal Party Climate and Environment Award for Solum’s ability to successfully combine environmentally friendly waste management with a smarter business model.  In addition, Borsen (Denmark’s leading business newspaper) conferred the Gazelle Award for outstanding business management and growth on Solum in 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2007.

In addition to developing Aikan’s™ integrated high solids anaerobic digestion (HSAD) and in-vessel composting (IVC) technology, Solum has successfully operated Aikan™ facilities in Denmark and Norway for the last decade.  The joint development and licensing agreement between Turning Earth and Solum marks Solum’s entry into the nascent North American biogas market.  Solum is also bringing its Aikan™ Technology to Asia.

Solum is currently investigating the possibilities to further accelerate the naturally occurring processes in the Aikan™ modules. This work is being done in cooperation with Novozymes, a world leader in enzyme solutions.

Tetra Tech (

Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, and technical services worldwide. Tetra Tech is a diverse company, including individuals with expertise in science, research, engineering, construction, and information technology. Tetra Tech’s strength is in collectively providing integrated services which meet their clients’ needs.  Tetra Tech has extensive engineering, procurement and construction experience across the clean energy and organics recycling spectrum, including with high solids anaerobic digestion technology, processes and facilities both within and outside of North America.

Encore Redevelopment (

Encore Redevelopment is a project development and project management company with a focus on twenty-first century solutions to underutilized property.  Encore’s philosophy is to create harmony between the natural and built environments that fosters sustainable growth by creating opportunities for infill development and the generation of clean, renewable sources of energy.  Founded in 2007, Encore Redevelopment represents environmental leadership and strives to foster job creation and revenue generation in the rapidly developing restoration and green energy economies.

Stone Environmental (

Stone Environmental, Inc. studies and mitigates the impacts of land use on water resources through research, field investigations, computer modeling, GIS spatial analysis, chemical analysis and engineering.  Stone employs a multidisciplinary team of 40 scientists who specialize in four service areas: contaminated sites investigation, applied information management, agrochemical fate and exposure assessment, and water resources management.  Stone was founded in 1992 and is based in Montpelier, Vermont.  Turning Earth is proud to work with Stone’s Applied Information Management (AIM) team who bring expertise in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, custom databases, statistical software, and environmental modeling tools to Turning Earth’s operations in North America.  The AIM team provides clients with GIS and Database Application Design Programming, Spatial Analysis, Data Discovery, Documentation, and Access, Remote Sensing and Analysis, GIS Mapping, and Mobile GIS Solutions.

Hattaway Communications, Inc. (

Hattaway Communications, Inc., is a mission-driven public affairs firm offering a wide range of strategic communications products that helps visionary leaders and organizations achieve ambitious goals that benefit people and the planet.

The firm works with clients in philanthropy, advocacy, clean energy, politics, and government and offers a full range of strategic communications tools, including research, strategy, message development and fully integrated communications campaigns.

Hattaway Communications has more than 20 years of experience working with federal and state decision-makers such as Senator Hillary Clinton, Governor Deval Patrick, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Vice President Al Gore.  The firm is currently working with visionary clean energy companies and organizations to establish and execute effective communications with policymakers and other stakeholders within their ecosystem.