Turning Earth is tackling some of the most vexing issues municipalities face, including:

  • Waste management  – how do we increase organics diversion and extend landfill life for materials without sustainable disposal alternatives
  • Renewable energy – how do we improve energy independence and security
  • Sustainable, locally sourced agriculture – we can and should buy more locally grown food, how can we bring this to any community
  • Additional revenue streams – how can municipalities leverage the useful by-products of organics recycling to create new sources of revenue
  • Improved air quality – organics recycling means less fugitive methane emissions and less GHGs
  • Improved water quality – chemical fertilizer and pesticide runoff threaten our water quality; compost provides a sustainable alternative
  • Reducing our carbon footprint – in addition to methane avoidance, organics recycling provides significant carbon sequestration benefits

Turing Earth is looking for progressive communities interested in new and better ways to manage resources.  Our approach is flexible to allow for municipal partnerships under a variety of possible structures.

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